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LGBTQ+ Experts

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J. Patterson

Mr J. Wayne Patterson Jr
What Happens when after 20 Years Of Automative Sales Management, you decide to make a Movie!?

Tananda D

Tananda D
(she/her) Trans "elder" transitioned in 1989. Willing to share my perspective and experience.

Stefani Goerlich

Ms Stefani Goerlich
Award winning author & Sex Therapist specializing in gender, sexuality, & relationship diversities.

Skip Jennings

Rev Skip Jennings
Podcaster, Author, Minister, Counselor, Speaker

Skip Jennings

REV Skip Jennings
Rev Skip is a radio host podcaster and the author of "The Little Book for Big Transformation"

Christopher Conner

Dr Christopher T Conner
I am a sociology who studies LGBT+ Culture, QAnon, Drugs, Music Subcultures and Social Media.